Your comfort zone should be when you’re out of your comfort zone

July 13, 2019

It is in challenging yourself that you create the atmosphere for the greatest discoveries or the biggest failures. The Deputy director in charge of states branding and events Mr. Thomas Kwaka advices that there’s no excuse for not marketing yourself as a businessman in every business endeavor.
One of the audience members asked how someone who’s mainly drawn to being a tech person and does well with that but is not so good with effectively communicating can market themselves, network and position themselves as a business person as opposed to just accepting a position as maybe the sound engineer only. Big Ted stressed that pushing yourself beyond your limits opens you up to different ways of thinking and awareness of how other people view the world. This helps even in applying creativity in life and work.
Big Ted gives the example of himself when he was starting out. He would offer to do something as simple as being the person who carries gadgets such as the speakers to an event. He even went as far as getting a job to bring artists back into the country. He would travel through road trips or flights and he made sure from the beginning he observed and learnt how business was being done in the countries he went to pick up the artists, he also learnt what he could from the artists themselves and learnt how the business in general worked. The point of this all being that you may not want to be in a particular environment, but growth only happens when you challenge yourself and open up yourself to different perspectives of thinking, therefore, get out of your comfort zone.

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