For long term success, align your business partnerships to your values

July 13, 2019

When starting his business, it didn’t take long for George Wanjohi to realize not all his friends were true friends. Some of them were the first people who tried to double-cross him and his co-founders when they started the business. It became apparent those friendships were because of his position and the perks he had in his previous job. Some of them were completely unwilling to help in any way to help build the business. At the end of it all, he realized that friends are people who align with your values and after he quit to start his business, this became more apparent.

“In those early days, when you call to ask a friend for business, they always say no problem, let’s talk next week but you never get anything. We had to nurture our own relationships from scratch, and patiently grow them from there with long term objectives” Wanjohi said

He would see people starting agencies and immediately work with big companies like Coca Cola. Eventually, some of those businesses failed. George believes that staying true to their values through long term planning as opposed to chasing quick deals is what has sustained them to date.

Today, Saracen OMD, the company that George and his friends co-founded is one of East Africa’s largest independent media specialists. 

George Wanjohi was a guest at founders drink up in February 2019. Get a copy of his Podcast for only Kshs 250. Email

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