Here Is How The 10X Movement Works



Unthinkable was Founded in 2016 as an entrepreneurship community. In 2019, we pivoted into an entrepreneurial leadership community, opening our doors to all senior leaders in society, business and government who seek to achieve 10x growth in their Organisations.

Every October to February, Unthinkable does a call out for new Fellows. Fellowship in Unthinkable is annual, subject to renewal every end of the year. We also run short programs that will be advertised on our website and social media platforms, so please do follow us and subscribe to our mailing list.

We serve Visionary leaders who run Companies or Departments in Companies with Kshs 15 Million to Kshs 200 Million in Annual revenues, who seek to answer the question, ‘How can I grow to 10 times my current Size?’, and who run Companies or Departments with at least 10 employees. Our fellows are drawn from all industries where 10x growth is viable.

Unthinkable Kenya runs several programs in its portfolio, each of which attracts a different fee. Our focus is on mapping our members to the right programs that would be beneficial to their leadership needs. Send us an application today to start your journey.

Unthinkable Kenya is a Non profit organization, registered in the republic of Kenya as a Company Limited by guarantee, trading as Founders Next Limited. The organization is managed by a Board of Director Members who serve as trustees for a period of 3 years, supported by an Advisory team of celebrated leaders and entrepreneurs.

Unthinkable Faculty

Alex Muriu – Growth

Creative Problem Solver | Experienced Digital Specialist

Sheba Njagi – Programs


Ken Njoroge – Advisor


Joanne Mwangi Yelbert – Advisor


Morne Deetlefs – Advisor 

Martin Kiarie



Here Is How The 10X Movement Works