Political Destabilization or your competition? which enemy is worse

July 13, 2019

“When you start to grow, you realize they will try to chop your legs off. 70% of the business was with a well-known company before my business began to really grow. When we got our first container with tires of the same quality as our competitors, the next day we had Kenya Revenue Authority at our doorstep despite every aspect of the business being credible.” Jeenal Shah said.

Despite all this, everything checked out because the business was being run in a credible manner. By the time 2007 reached, everyone was happy with the progress of the business. It was a good time for businesses as the country’s economy was great. Sadly, this joy was short lived as the events that followed almost demolished Jeenal Shah’s entire business.

Jeenal Shah is the CEO of AutoXpress, a company that deals in all things auto parts. They are currently in 4 countries with 44 outlets across East Africa.

“I remember going to vote then my cousin picked me up for us to go to Mombasa for a holiday. I was telling her how proud I am of Kenya. The economy and politics were going so well, people voted and it was so peaceful and mature. Then we went to Mombasa and a couple of days later, everything was burning.” Jenaal Shah said.

Instead of feeling safe enough to enjoy his vacation, his wife and him spent that whole period watching Tv.
“My brother was in Kisumu, in his house with his family. I called him up and he said he hears gunshots everywhere.” Jennal said.

Because he had been putting all the money back into the business, this was the timed it dawned on him that everything his family has been working for can be wiped out in an instance.

“I realized everything could burn down at any moment and I felt very vulnerable for the first time. My brother felt that even more because he’s 8 years older and had a wife and kids.” Jenaal said.

Fortunately, things settled down and began to improve but from these situations, two vital lessons were learnt. Perseverance and never putting all your eggs in one basket.

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