These simple hacks will help you get the most out of your employees

January 26, 2021

We know, your people can either be the best thing that happened in your Organization or an absolute nightmare. As a leader, you have a lot you can do however to make sure your people are truly an asset. Here are some simple hacks shared by Catherine Wekesa, CEO at the International Talent Management Consulting Limited, on how to get the most out of your employees.

Always provide security for your employees.

Employment security enables an employee to go home after work and provide for themselves and their families. This concept of security is essential and it underpins almost everything HR does. A contract is a great source of security for an employee. Make sure that the terms are well known by the employee before any signing is done and when it’s time to renew the contracts, review it with the employee so that the terms and conditions are clear.

Self-managed and effective teams

Team work is crucial to achieving goals. High performance team work is crucial for any company to achieve success. As an entrepreneur provide an environment for your teams to self manage, because when people are empowered to think and work autonomously towards the same goal, a lot more gets done.

Fair, performance-based competition

How are you paying you employees and is it fair? If you hire the right people you want to compensate them above average. Consider awarding bonuses or including a variable component in compensation.

Training in relevant skills

Learning has become a great way to come up with innovation, grow faster and have a competitive advantage. Training is divided into the 70/20/10 rule.

  • 70% of learning is from challenging assignments.
  • 20% is from developmental relationships
  • 10% of learning is from formal coursework and training.

Creating a flat and egalitarian (open equal opportunity) organization.

Every employee is a valuable member of the organization and should be treated and feel as such.

Making sure information is accessible to those who need it.

Information sharing is essential. All employees should have access to all the information they need in order to work except the information that is confidential such as private employee files.

Catherine Wekesa was a facilitator at Un.thinkable masterclass (our quarterly 10X Growth Leaders Workshop) in November 2020. Click here to apply for membership in Un.thinkable.

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