The art of using less to achieve more through Purple Cows

March 14, 2020

‘Driving a car in in the France countryside, you  get used to seeing cows on the road side. But what if you saw a Purple cow?’ Robert Ochieng, Founder and CEO of Abojani quotes a book by Seth Godin. A marketing department is good but it may not be necessary. According to Robert once you create a remarkable product you have already marketed it.

In the internet there are the people we call ‘whales’. These are the people who get excited about a product and post it on their social media pages. They are almost like influencers as they also have large followings on their pages. They bring attention to the product and make people aware of it and they are a great marketing tool. If a business person could have about twenty of them then their marketing would be successful.

Then there those people called the ‘sneezers’. These are the people who have some influence in the society. They could be big media personalities or CEO’s of big companies or celebrities. When these people tweet about your product or service then people believe them as they have built trust and respect among the people. Millions of people get to know your product just by one tweet.

‘Do not go for everyone, not everyone will accept something new’, says Robert. You might waste so much money in marketing to the whole world whilst just using the right people could make all the difference.

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