How poor Personal Finance can kill your Business

March 18, 2020

‘Personal finance is not about mobile loans, or being able to earn or borrow money; it is about managing your finances for the years that you wont be productive in terms of having the energy to work .’ says Robert Ochieng, Founder and CEO of Abojani investments. He believes that if your personal finance is set then you have the opportunity to do so many things in this world such as chase after your goals and dreams. In Kenya, personal finance is not widespread but there is a host of opportunities to invest and save. There are ways to get rich quickly which do not involve buying and selling of goods.

There are two choices, in one you can choose to work tirelessly for ten years with the smallest car, in a small house with the smallest phone and work the the riches that will make you comfortable for the rest of your life. In choice two you can chose to work for sixty five years then retire with your lump sum retirement fund. According to Robert, explosive growth is possible if you are willing to put in the work.

‘We do have entrepreneurs who have failed because of not knowing how to manage their personal finance. A broke man only thinks about food.’ says Robert. He shares a story of a pilot who was able to pay a debt of 6.5 million just after 7 months of joining the Abojani investment program on personal finance. Learning how to save and invest is more important than working and getting a salary. Financial literacy is your life, and as an entrepreneur, it could mean the difference between success, and failure.


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