Stay ahead by obsessing over the next big thing

July 13, 2019

When you look at all successful people, they achieved what they have by always seeking to be the first to know the next big thing and figuring out how to supply it.

Thomas Kwaka a.k.a Big Ted, an events organizer, is former CEO of the Main Event Company and Deputy Director in charge of State branding and events.

The trick to actively trying to discover the next big thing is to always keep an eye out, an open mind and attitude of observing and learning in order to see where the opportunity lies. Being part of entrepreneurship groups for instance shouldn’t just be about sharing experiences but also identifying opportunities. If you are constantly attending these events and not using them as a platform to find out where you should be playing next, then you are wasting time.

This is the kind of spirit entrepreneurs need to embrace in Big Ted’s opinion where people share and come up with solutions or ideas to partner and grow.

Big Ted was a guest at founders drink up in November 2018. Get a copy of his Podcast for only Kshs 250. Email

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