The single most important thing in a partnership

July 13, 2019

What exactly is smart business? According to Mr. Thomas Kwaka AKA Big Ted who is a well-known event organizer, CEO of the Main Events Company and Deputy director in charge of States branding and events, smart business is always making sure decisions are not made out of immediate emotion but are logically thought out. Big Ted has this client who owes him money that’s more than 1 million but unfortunately, she isn’t in a rush to pay. According to the audience, a normal person would cut ties with that partnership but Big Ted says you should first think critically of how you can attain the best outcome from the whole situation.

Big Ted’s plan which he has funnily already executed is he has invited the same Lady to speak at one of his events where her input from a feminine perspective on the key areas of discussion would be valuable as she is well versed in her industry and the audience is mainly female. The reason he has made this decision is because he knows due to the guilt she is feeling about not paying, she will give the talk her best. Now that’s smart business.

Smart business is also the environment you create. Big Ted gave the simple example of his children. There’s a certain life he wants for his Kids and he has made sure they get it by providing them with quality education and exposing them to specific things. He jokes that with that he knows he has ruled out a big number of potential boyfriends or future husbands who are jokers in life as his daughters only speak English.

In conclusion. Don’t hate the player, play the game.

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