Failing is the best thing

July 13, 2019

Failing is a good thing because it is a sign of trying and one thing about trying is one day, you are bound to get it right. As Thomas Kwaka also known as Big Ted believes, if you start a business and it fails, let it go and start another one until you find the right fit for you. Mr. Thomas always speaks of his first business which he had put so much into, but it ended up collapsing in the end. Even though after that he started other multiple businesses that up to date are doing well, he still maintains that he will without question let go of any of his businesses should they seize to be productive.

Some of the mistakes he believes he made and learnt from during his beginning stages are:
He didn’t form solid connections that years later he will still be able to go back to. He instead focused on making connections for the moment.

He also acknowledges that he failed to diversify as often as he should have. Making sure you grow and advance yourself in every aspect is very important in life generally but also it applies in business as diversifying yourself and looking at how you can better yourself always positively impacts every extension of who you are as a business man, parent, etc

He lastly acknowledges that he didn’t spend money well and that is something he now is thoughtful as to where he applies his wealth.

“Money is just paper with value. Where you put that value determines your revenue.” Mr. Thomas said
In conclusion, mistakes are life pushing you in the right direction so make them.

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