Employment termination is tough, but it can be worse

November 24, 2018

Terminating a person’s employment can be a tricky situation that can even lead to situations such as law suits which according to Juliet Gateri,  the founder and director of Alternate Doors consulting, a human resource consultancy company, usually end with the employee winning. A question that was raised by a member of the audience as Juliet shared her story is how to avoid such an issue entirely. Juliet is an advocate of pre-emptive acts, managing employee expectations long before that touch conversation happens. She pointed out to things one can look at during the process of hiring such as performing personality tests, setting a probation period of about 3 months, knowing someone’s core values and who they are as a person, performing background checks etc. As a manager, she also advices that it’s good to have regular one on one sessions with employees in order to ensure their state of being is good hence ensuring they are productive at work. Despite that, as an employer, one has to keep in mind that no employment is permanent. Having an employee that used to perform well but has suddenly started missing deadlines and such things may mean many things such as they may be going through personal problems or they may no longer feel motivated with their current job. As the employer, based on the situation, you should decide whether to fire or help towards finding the most productive state of the person. Each employee has a life cycle therefore employers should set employee goals, both personal and work oriented in order to help them clearly know their purpose of working there. She gives the example of having an employee who is doing their masters. That means they are doing that job but as soon as they graduate, they will expect to move on to a bigger role which you might not be able to provide. As an employer, always remember that your role is to maximize on the time employees are with you and make sure everything is left on good terms when it’s time to let them go.
These are the advocates of your company out there so separations have to be good and peaceful because they are part of your alumni. Juliet Gateri
Juliet Gateri, Founder of Alternate Doors Consulting was a trainer at Founders Brunch held in August 2018. To access the full podcast, please email us on dream@wearefounders.co.ke

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