Employees without roles are like furniture

November 25, 2018

Juliet Gateri is the founder and director of HR expert, a human resource management software provider. She is the recruitment director at talent board and alternate doors consulting where she works with clients in Africa to bring the best talent on board. When sharing her experience, one
of the things she stresses as being something very important is that one should ensure every employee’s capabilities are maximized.

When we go to our clients, we ask them what the duty of the person they intend to hire is. What are their day to day and monthly duties? Some companies hire a receptionist, but with no clear roles, she’s just sited there on Facebook and doing nothing else. 

Juliet Gateri

Juliet tries to ensure her whole team is sales oriented. Having an employee who does a job that doesn’t involve growth and challenge is something that no employer should accept.

If you’re a receptionist, you can also do client support and sales calls. You can’t just sit there.

Juliet Gateri

This strategy enables her to hire and manage things well as she hires the exact number of people she needs, they are paid well and the employees get to engage in different roles hence ensuring their time spent at work is spent being productive and challenging.

Juliet Gateri, Founder of Alternate Doors Consulting was a trainer at Founders Brunch held in August 2018. To access the full podcast, please email us on dream@wearefounders.co.ke

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