How get more than just skills out of your employees

November 26, 2018

Do you ever think your workforce can bring in a lot more than just their skill?

As we constantly seek a better way to achieve a dynamic business environment, there are some issues which must be addressed. For instance, providing an environment where every employee feels they have played a role in the growth of the business can be a place to start from.

Martin Kiarie, Bean Interactive Founder and CEO helped to put this matter in perspective by highlighting the most important process for any firm. He labels it as sharing the responsibility. Utilizing the labor force to its full potential.

Bean interactive has risen to be a leader in technology and marketing in Kenya. Companies like Barclays Bank have enjoyed their innovation and creativity in the Bluetooth technology. According to Mr. Kiarie in the last three years deal acquisitions have been his greatest milestone. Clients are streaming in just because they saw the technology with a competitor. So how did he manage to achieve this in an era where many companies are constantly dropping out? Martin believes in empowering his employees in two ways.

Team alignment to company vision

First, he has invested time and money in making sure his people are aligned as a company. That is, every person’s job description has been clearly stated. Every player knows his task to achieve a team result. This has made work easier and efficient. Furthermore, the accountability aspect has been every employee’s ignition to success. Consequently, this has led him to strategize on the second aspect carefully.

Empowering employees and allowing them to fail

He has encouraged his workforce to participate in the client pitching process. He says before a group of employees leave for a pitch, there has to be two or more briefing sessions to throw in one or two ideas or to approve and disapprove a move. Luckily, this has worked for the good of the company as some have managed to acquire clients on their own. Martin says, “this makes them taste their success and eventually expects more from them as they get back to work on a common goal.”

Grow your business in a dynamic way, not afraid of failure but different from the rest and surely some success will start coming your way and if not you will learn important lessons.

Martin Kiarie, founder of Bean interactive ltd was a guest at Founders brunch held in August 2018. To get the full podcast, email us on

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