Does your background determine your career?

July 13, 2019

Jeenal Shah is the CEO of AutoXpress, a company that deals in all things auto parts. They are currently in 4 countries with 44 outlets across East Africa. They have worked with cooperate giants like Safaricom, Kenya power and Delmonte among others.

“We started from a tire business then went into auto parts. Now we partner with companies like Simba court & Isuzu among others to service their vehicles and provide a variety of other services.” Jeenal Shah said
With every success story, there is always a motivational story of the journey towards achieving success. Jenaal begins by talking about his background before AutoXpress was even an idea.

Jeenal Shah is a man who was born and raised in Kisumu. He studied in Aghakhan primary school until he was 13 years old then went to a boarding school in England thereafter a University in the states where he learnt the art of being a chemical engineer. In 1994 he came back to Kisumu where he got employed as a chemical engineer. His new job involved selling chemicals and machinery for the sugar industry in Kenya.

“We would do a lab trial at Mumias, the when we get the go-ahead we move to a plant trial and we would finally get a contract to supply chemicals for the factories if all went well.” Jeenal Shah said
Despite having his job, he still got involved in the family business which was as tyre business. At the time, they only had one shop in Kisumu.

“I remember my brother would always tell me when you’re in the sugar factory, can you find out what tyres are required?” Jeenal said

Seeing as he had 4 hours to spare in between the lab trials, he would go to the construction manager, observe and take notes of what tyres they were using and any other valuable information.
And that is how he simply explains the inception of his successful company. An interest in the business and a drive to learn all he could is all he needed.

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