After you resign, now what?

October 14, 2019

Ben Omol, the founder of Bright Spark Media had to learn to believe in himself. He came from Kiss FM Kenya, a well-founded organization to starting his own company. A lot of doubt crept into his mind since he didn’t have all the networks he had in his previous job.
The first businesses he got; were from people he didn’t even think were possible. After resigning from Kiss FM Kenya in 2016, he had to exercise a lot of patience and faith to be able to wait till the end of 2017 when he got his first big campaign. It gave him even more courage to believe that he could actually run his own company.
From then on, he went around telling clients that they could sell their content, package the same in the digital space and revolutionize how to market their content in traditional media. This was a new approach to content distribution compared to how these clients had been doing it.
To be able to create a market niche for yourself, you need someone who believes in you too. Bright Spark Media was picked up by Joanne Mwangi who is one of the panelists in KCB’s Lion’s Den. She wanted to partner and support an agency like his. He met her after he joined Founders, where he also met other valuable networks that helped him even curve out what he wanted to do with his company.
Through Founders, he was roasted and questioned about a lot because yes, the business had started to grow, but he didn’t really understand what he was doing.
“I learnt from that and picked up and said, do I really want to do this content or do I want to build this company up,” Ben Omol says. At that moment he realized that he wanted to have a full-fledged marketing agency.

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