How to turn your networks into your networth

October 29, 2019

“It has been such a journey, we have learnt a lot of lessons and especially resilience,” Stella Njoki, the co-founder of Zege Technologies says. She also adds that they learnt how to leverage their contacts.
Part of their contacts werel their family and friends. She says that family and friends kept them going when they started 8 years ago. They gave ideas, money and even criticized them when it was necessary. The encouragement of their contacts gave them a lifeline and helped them realize a profit in their business.
“We should not be afraid to ask, at times, you don’t get what you want because you don’t ask.” she encouraged the Founders team, adding that they should always ask for help.
Stella Njoki joined founders because she’s a believer in people and networks. “Your network is your net worth,” she adds. She’s convinced that anywhere she is with other entrepreneurs, people who understand the journey and the hassle, she is at home.
“I am an advocate for personal development, and as entrepreneurs we have to learn to work hard at it,” she says. Through Founders she learnt about how to become a leader and a visionary and how critical it is to marry these two together in order to build a company to success.
She finds the sessions very helpful to her and to their business. She remembers a meeting about personal finance; how to set up financial goals and manage them. She learnt about it from listening and talking to other members of Founders.
She also learnt how to be a better Human Resource Manager and dealing with their employees and clients as well. “I have learnt to be a better human being, before I am a better entrepreneur,” Stella Njoki concludes.

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