A solid value proposition will bring 70% of new business, while networking brings 30%

February 18, 2019

Mr Lee Karuri is a man who has an undeniable passion for Sustainable Housing Developments.  He is the Executive Chairman of Resorts and Cities, a leading real estate company developing Longonot Gate and Makuyu Ridge Resort Cities. Lee has been in business for nearly 30 years, and knows a thing or two about what it takes to build a successful business.

Clarify your Value proposition

One of the factors he advices every company to have is a value proposition. This will be the foundation of how you present your business to past, present and future clients and the public. One of these factors is timeliness. According to Mr Karuri, discharging work as you promised and in good time, is always a plus and sets a good tone for future business.

Cost is integral to your value proposition

“Clients in our industry are always looking for a good deal. If you’re competitive and you’re always able to deliver within the agreed budget, that’s good value proposition” Mr Lee Karuri said

Quality of the product and services you offer also matter as it will become your reputation.

“Individuals and corporates are looking for quality. The standards of quality have even gone up because we have more learned people, people who have travelled a lot and gotten to experience different things and we also have the internet where people have access to different diverse things hence ensuring that whatever service you offer is presented in the highest quality is a good value to showcase”

“Client expectation on products is much higher than before. If you can have quality, timeliness all within the agreed budget, then you automatically become an attractive company or person to work with.” Lee Karuri said

Lastly, a good website is vital as it’s the first thing that verifies your credibility and gives some insight into your company.

“Customers in our industry like to see visual proof of what you can offer. If they see tangible proof, this will trigger work and result in referrals which likely end up as 70% of your work while networking will bring around 30%.” Mr Lee Karuri said.

Lee Karuri was a guest at founders drink up in January 2019. Get a copy of his Podcast for only Kshs 250. Email dream@wearefounders.co.ke

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