Why Ego Can Derail Your Success: A Humility Manifesto

June 5, 2024

“I am an entrepreneur. I am successful. Nothing can hinder my company’s growth.” Ego – that inflated sense of self-importance – can be a double-edged sword. It can fuel ambition and drive initial success, but unchecked, it can become the very thing that hinders building a business that lasts.

Here’s why ego hurts what you are trying to build:

Blind spots and missed opportunities: It can make you miss good advice and new ideas because you’re stuck on your own. You become fixated on your own ideas and miss opportunities to learn, adapt, and innovate. Imagine a climber thinking they reached the top, only to find a taller peak hidden behind them.

No teamwork: A big ego leader creates a one-way street for information. Nobody wants to share ideas or challenge them for fear of being shut down. It’s like trying to build a house with just a hammer.

Pushing people away: Imagine trying to make friends by constantly bragging about yourself – it wouldn’t work, would it? People are always drawn to those who are real, not those constantly seeking praise. 

Shaky foundation: Success based on ego can’t last. One mistake can bring it all down. Real success comes from hard work, bouncing back from setbacks, and learning from them.

Here’s what a humble leader looks like:

Actively seeking feedback: They understand that everyone has something to teach them.

Empowering your team: They create a space where everyone feels valued and their contributions are encouraged.

Celebrating all team wins: They recognize that success is a collective effort.

Learning from mistakes: They don’t shy away from failures but see them as opportunities for growth.

The tallest trees weather the storms because their roots run deep. By staying humble, you open yourself up to new possibilities, build stronger relationships, and foster an environment where everyone can thrive. Cultivate humility, and your success will have strong roots to weather any challenge.

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