Juddy Gichuki: Shaping Safaricom’s Future Trajectory

May 31, 2024

When you hear the words ‘connecting the dots’ think of Juddy Gichuki. As a Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy at Safaricom, she’s the mastermind behind significant aspects of the company’s digital transformation. She has also been at the forefront of driving successful execution of the company’s strategy.  She’s not your average strategist—she unravels complex situations and finds solutions with her ‘superpowers.’

What are her superpowers?
The Learner with Insatiable Curiosity: Her relentless pursuit of knowledge sets her apart. Juddy’s curiosity fuels her ability to learn quickly and solve problems exceptionally well. She dives deep, meticulously peeling back layers to uncover the root causes of issues, ensuring her solutions address the underlying problems, not just symptoms.

Beyond the Boardroom?
When she’s not strategizing, she enjoys quality time with her kids, even joining them for a playful game of hopscotch! This balance between professional prowess and personal life makes Juddy all the more inspiring.

What kind of support is she looking forward to in Unthinkable?
“Idea-generating forums and brainstorming sessions energize me,” she says.
Juddy is eager to expand her network and connect with diverse minds with wide perspectives. Her goal? “To fuel her professional growth and “cross-pollinate” her thinking with new ideas.”

Her Passion?
Juddy envisions a future where Kenyan businesses prioritize long-term sustainability and proactively plan for tomorrow’s challenges. She is passionate about seeing more local companies adopt strategic foresight.

Juddy believes in lifelong learning. The ever-changing world isn’t a source of stress for her, but an exciting landscape of discovery. She embraces this dynamic environment, constantly seeking out new information and engaging with different viewpoints to keep her knowledge sharp and her skills honed.

Connect with Juddy:
LinkedIn – Juddy Gichuki

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