The power of the reward system in employee retention

October 16, 2018

Most things in life are based on the reward system. The reward system is seen as early as childhood. You pass exams, you get a good grade, accolades and praise. This reward system is expected in the business industry as well.

Most companies give rewards that have monetary value which is a good thing but Juliet Gateri (Founder and C.E.O at HR company alternate doors consulting where she works with clients in Africa to bring the best talent on board) believes in rewards of all kinds as money isn’t the only thing needed to ensure a person feels satisfied and motivated in what they are doing.

At her company, Juliet has a bonus system where employees who exceed a certain percentage of output expected, receive bonuses. Other than monetary rewards however, she also embraces creativity in rewarding employees e.g. proving retirement plans, health insurance, vacation, tuition fees paid etc

“For us, when you meet a certain target, we pay X amount of your higher education. The higher education has to be directly related to our business. So if you were doing a diploma and want to pursue your masters, if you meet a certain target, we will pay a certain amount of your higher education” Juliet said during a recent Founders brunch masterclass on HR. It’s also good to ask people who are still in school how they are doing and attend their graduation as it simply shows genuine concern.

Juliet shows the power of reward by giving an example of someone who was working for a client of hers where the treatment there was horrible. Just as he was about to quit, a party was thrown to appreciate employees and despite the bad treatment he had been getting, he decided to stay; because he finally felt appreciated.

Setting up creative reward systems helps expand your employer branding and makes more people want to work for you. It’s therefore a factor to not over look in business.

Juliet Gateri, Founder of Alternate Doors Consulting was a trainer at Founders Brunch held in August 2018. To access the full podcast, please email us on 

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