Employees – When the good ones leave

October 22, 2018

There are some people who prioritize growing more than earning a salary. Yes, they work for you and for your company’s goals, but they do it for more than just fattening their pockets. And when growth opportunities arise, no matter how great your reward system, they will leave. These are words from Martin Kiarie, Bean Interactive CEO and Founder. You as a founder would be lucky if these people who work for more than a salary end up in your business, but you need to be ready for then they decide it’s time to move on. To keep these employees for as long as possible, Martin advises entrepreneurs to take time to understand their ambitions, and how they are aligned with the overall company’s goals. It is your responsibility to help them grow, even if this growth might lead them out of your company. Avoiding this hard truth might be detrimental to the success of your business.
“As Founders we always take it really hard when a great employee opts to leave. It’s very heartbreaking” Martin Kiarie
The sooner you realize that the purpose of the employee is to do the assigned task to enable the business to move ahead to the desired destination, nothing more, the easier it will be to handle their inevitable departure. Martin concludes by stating that people ultimately work for themselves, through your organization; not for you. Martin Kiarie, Founder & CEO of Bean Interactive ltd, was a guest at Founders Brunch held in August 2018. To get access to the full podcast, please email dream@wearefounders.co.ke.

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