Millennials: A curse or a blessing to Founders?

October 25, 2018

As more businesses adjust and move into the future, there is one resource that remains untapped; The youth. Martin Kiarie, CEO and founder of Bean Interactive puts this into perspective by claiming that in his experience, they are the most hardworking people in Kenya at the moment.

So how did we miss this, or why do we simply ignore the obvious?

Evident from his speech, Martin is a man who believes in the energy and creativity of this age. Yes, he agrees sometimes they can be a nuisance, look unfocused or bring no substantial difference to the overall business environment. But if well utilized and given a chance to express themselves, he believes these are the movers and shakers of the current Kenya and Africa in general for several reasons.

They have gone through a pressure fueled education system

The pressure to deliver no matter the situation has worked to their advantage. Be it socializing or accomplishing tasks, every millennial seems to exist to change the world, and puts a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve this.

They are entrepreneurial

Martin labels them as the best Entrepreneurs. He agrees, the need for guidance to model them into the best version of themselves is inevitable when it comes to your success as a company. Getting them to work hard will streamline their energies into achieving the organizational goal.

However, that is the easy part. The main task, however, should be trying to achieve a culture that can accommodate their creativity. Mr. Kiarie, who believes he has achieved this in his company, recommends visionary entrepreneurs to look closely as to why it’s time to move from the old and gain from new and energetic faces of Africa.

Martin Kiarie, founder of Bean interactive ltd was a guest at Founders brunch held in August 2018. To get the full podcast, email us on

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