Martin Rono: Sahara Desk for Revving Up Growth

March 20, 2024

Based in Nairobi, Sahara Desk isn’t confined to Kenya’s borders. With a footprint stretching across Uganda, Zambia, and Rwanda, it’s a regional powerhouse with global aspirations. But it’s not just about the numbers; Sahara Desk is a tight-knit team, fueled by passion and a drive to redefine the status quo.

And who’s leading the charge? Meet the driving force behind Sahara Desk’s success. Martin Rono

Sahara Desk isn’t just a business; it’s a solution to inefficiencies plaguing engineering processes. Picture this: lost assets, maintenance mishaps, and invisible gaps in operations. That’s where Sahara Desk steps in, offering a cutting-edge asset management and maintenance service that’s been revolutionizing industries since 2013.

Why re-join Unthinkable Fellowship?

Now, let’s talk growth. Sahara Desk isn’t here to play small. With eyes set on the horizon, they’ve set audacious 10x goals for 2024. Picture this: diversifying into four new industries and landing that game-changing client in the oil and gas sector. It’s bold, it’s ambitious, and it’s Sahara Desk’s roadmap to success.

An engineering aficionado with a passion for speed (both on and off the track with a 2000km goal for 2024), he’s not just about business. Martin’s a family man, a community leader, and a goal-setter with a vision.

So, what’s next for Sahara Desk? With Unthinkable by their side, the sky’s the limit. They’re ready to seize every opportunity that comes their way. Because at Sahara Desk, growth isn’t just a goal—it’s a way of life. Join Sahara Desk on their journey towards engineering excellence. The ride promises to be exhilarating, and they’re saving a seat just for you.

Connect with Martin

LinkedIn: Martin Rono
Facebook: Sahara Desk KE 
Website: SaharaDesk

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