Christabel Ojuok: Empowering Homeownership Journeys

March 27, 2024


Who doesn’t dream of owning their own home? It’s a universal aspiration, but the journey to homeownership often feels like an uphill battle. That’s where RentScore steps in. Co-founded by the dynamic entrepreneur, Christabel Ojuok, RentScore is on a mission to make homeownership dreams a reality. They recognize the common hurdles—financial constraints, lack of information, and the overwhelming nature of the process.

So why did Christabel Join Unthinkable?

RentScore was founded in July 2022 and they go beyond simply finding a home; they empower individuals to achieve homeownership. RentScore joined UT, inspired by the vibrant entrepreneur community and the opportunity to connect with experienced individuals. They anticipate fostering valuable connections, engaging in insightful discussions, and gaining practical advice from seasoned entrepreneurs in the 2024 program.

Beyond business, Christabel is a well-rounded individual dedicated to focused growth, both personally and professionally. She prioritizes health and wellness through regular exercise and a balanced diet. Furthermore, she actively invests in her financial literacy. Add book lover, hiking and site seeing and you have an entrepreneur who is about sharing knowledge and building community.

Connect more with Christabel

LinkedIn: Christabel Ojuok
Website: RentScore Africa
Instagram: RentScore

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