In a complex digital world, this success framework promises to simplify things

January 30, 2021

Whether you are a global brand or a small business, iProspect, a leading Kenyan Digital Marketing company, have developmed a framework which they believe can greatly increase your chances of success in the online commerce space. Joel Rao, CEO at iProspect, shares that the framework has four key pillars, against which you should score your E-commerce strategy. They include:

Availability – Meeting customers where they really are

You should be easily found across online channels where customers would seek to find your services. This is called Omni channel presence. Your website, your social media presence, Online Marketplaces as well as a physical location are all important touch points for this pillar. Additionally, your inventory planning needs to factor in all these touch points.

Findability – Ensuring relevant visibility when it matters

How do you ensure that your customer finds you when, and where they need your product or service? What’s your Paid Media strategy? How are you showing up organically on platforms such as Search? How are you ensuring that Competitors do not outrank you in search results, be it on search, social, marketplaces etc?

Buyability – Differentiating products from the competition

This is where your Content, pricing and promotions strategy kicks in. Does your content captivate the customer into considering if not buying your product? Are you pricing for the channel you are on? Are you using special offers to get people through the ‘digital’ door?

Repeatability – Building a relationship beyond the first sale

They say it’s easier to upsell to an existing customer than to get a new customer. Investing in feedback mechanisms, loyalty programmes, customer engagement and retention tactics will take you a lot further ahead.

Joel Rao was a facilitator at Un.thinkable masterclass (our quarterly 10X Growth Leaders Workshop) in July 2020. Click here to apply for membership in Un.thinkable.

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