Growth is Only Through Self-Development & Accountability

October 4, 2023

A solid foundation in leadership self-development is necessary for company growth.  When it comes to the #CareEconomy, mental health in the workplace should be taken as seriously as physical health.  Michael Maina, Cofounder & COO at Lipa Later Group shared some of his insights in our previous Unthinkable Chats.

“The company will on grow as far as it’s leaders. The leadership’s self-development is very important and that also means there’s some accountability perspective that you must take up. You cannot have to CEOs, maybe in the huge companies, but if you are founders then you must be accountable to each other.  For example, in a practical scenario, I have deliverables measured on a quarterly basis. my job cannot be to look at other people and say ‘you are failing’. I am not a teacher. I must be measured before anyone else,” he expressed.

Leaders are more willing to invest in the advancement of their team members when they are held responsible for the team’s performance.

Are you ready to accept that there is someone else who can do that job better than you? Or will you work hard to be the best you can be?

Leaders must take responsibility for their choices and deeds. This entails not only making wise decisions but also taking responsibility for the results, both good and bad. This encourages a culture of accountability where leaders actively contribute to the results rather than simply avoiding them.

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