Expert tricks to success in hiring

November 22, 2018

Juliet Gateri is the recruitment director at talent board and alternate doors consulting where she works with clients in Africa to bring the best talent on board. Juliet believes that when hiring, it’s important to go through the formal processes because it shows professionalism to potential future

When you hire people without a process, they also try to take advantage of you. They feel important because it seems you didn’t have any other person and you were desperate to hire them.

Juliet Gateri

Some of the things one should do to ensure their hiring is process oriented is having a pool of candidates for example. When the person shows up for an interview, seeing a list of other candidates lets them know they need to fight for the position. Having the potential employees arrive for the interview around the same time can also have the same effect. The psychology of this is to show the position is competitive.

If I go to a company and I’m the only one you were interviewing, I feel like, how desperate were you? People don’t want to work for your company? But if I enter a place and see two other people were here or the receptionist has a list. I’ll see that this company takes this seriously and there are other people who want this.

Juliet Gateri

She also advises against hiring people coming from big companies because they are people who are used to a certain lifestyle and culture, and more often than not, that culture will trickle will down to the rest of your staff. They are also most likely to quit as they usually see jobs at smaller companies as something to do before they get the job they want.

Hiring can make or break your company as it directly affects all employees therefore it’s a process to be done thoroughly.

Juliet Gateri, Founder of Alternate Doors Consulting was a trainer at Founders Brunch held in August 2018. To access the full podcast, please email us on

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