How Suzie Wokabi turned her passion into a business empire

August 28, 2018

Suzie Wokabi is the founder of Suzie beauty which is Kenya’s first makeup line. This is a title she will forever hold and one that she is proud of. How exactly did Suzie beauty come to be? Suzie studied International Relations (IR) because of the persistence of her parents but after graduation, she gave her parents the degree and went on to pursue her passion. Her first exposure to the world of cosmetics that catapulted her dream of owning a makeup line in Kenya was when she went to live with her sister (in New York) who was working in fashion. During her time there, she worked for well known makeup companies such Clinique and Mac and further advanced her knowledge in the makeup industry by enrolling in a makeup school in Los Angeles. 10 years later, she decided to come back to Kenya to fulfill her calling which was to grow the beauty industry in Kenya and Africa. Her initial plan was to get jobs as a makeup artist. In this process, she realized the Kenyan makeup industry was full of defective products being sold as originals and to make it worse, at hiked up prices as compared to the original products being sold in the states.
“I buy this in America for 20 dollars (2000/=) but here you’re selling it to me for 90 dollars (9000/=)!” Suzie Wokabi
She was forced to have her brother in America buy the products then ship them to Kenya. Through this, she spotted the gap in the market and the idea of having her own products was in the works. Years later, her company is ranked as one of the best local cosmetic brands and also supplies to a few cities in Uganda, Ethiopia and Ivory Coast. Suzie beauty is not only the first but is one of the few Kenyan cosmetics brands that is growing to become a serious contender with huge brands already in the African market. With such success, there’s only more to add as to why one should pursue their passions. Suzie Wokabi was a guest at Un.thinkable roast (our monthly 10X Growth Leaders Meet-up) in june 2018. Click here to apply for membership in Un.thinkable.

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