Detach yourself from the business, and success will follow.

April 16, 2020

Step outside your business, and see what others are doing. Do your research and find out if there is a gap in the market, and does that gap have a market?’ asks Patrick Quarcoo, Founder and Group CEO at Radio Africa Group.

Patrick says when he first came to Kenya to start his Radio business, he started by doing research the old fashioned way. He went to every night club in the city, he went to every event and to every school he could find. Within six months, he learned the way of life of the Nairobian in terms of what music they like to listen to, what they like to hear and everything else about them and entertainment. Afterwards, he went ahead to build a station to suit this particular person.

Live in the future, and always think about your product ten years to come. What will be the changes? How different will people be then than they are no? Look at what other countries are doing and see if the same can be done in your business. ‘You see, for everyone their mother is the best cook, until they go to a restaurant’ says Patrick.

Learn to listen, bring your greatest critics close and let them scrutinise your business thoroughly. Do not be afraid to ask for help if and when you need it. Do not be macho and let your business run to the ground because you could not kill your ego.

Do not overreact because of the things said about you or your business, but instead focus on building your business. People will always have negative things to say, especially the ones that are not doing anything much.

Lastly, read. ‘The greatest knowledge is found in books’ says Patrick. He goes ahead to mention books such as the Art of War and others that he reads and new ones that he got. So if your not reading you might want to pass by a book store today.

Patrick Quarcoo was a guest at Un.thinkable roast (our monthly 10X Growth Challenges Leaders meet-up) in February 2020. Click here to apply for membership in Un.thinkable.

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