Be wary of “Aha!” moments, as they might be your downfall

February 26, 2021

Entrepreneurial people have a lot of ideas. It’s in their nature. The challenge with ideas is that, at the “aha” moment, that particular idea looks better than everything else you’ve done before. This is not necessarily true until the idea is tested and proven. If you allow yourself to always be driven into action by “aha” moments, over time you might find yourself starting so many projects but none succeeds. So how do you stay innovative while also remaining focused?

Flora Mutahi, CEO of Melvin Marsh International limited, knows all about “aha” moments. She says if she were to do it all over again she would have sought funding much earlier to allow herself time to focus more on growing the Melvins brand. However, in the early stages, she too veered off to other ventures at times that promised higher returns. At some point she even tried to sell the business when she thought she had found something better. She is grateful she didn’t.

Entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as people make it seem. You might wake up one morning and just want to do away with the business or a product because it just doesn’t seem to be working. You are the boss after all. Flora however urges leaders to tread with caution when making pivots that could risk the enterprise.

Make sure you are passionate about what you do. That way, despite the may attractive alternatives, you can keep growing your vision even when it feels like a futile venture. 27 years later, fighting the temptations of “aha” moments is paying off, handsomely.

Flora Mutahi was a guest speaker at Unthinkable Roast (our monthly Leaders Workshop) in January 2021. Click here to apply for membership in Unthinkable for first hand access to industry leaders from Kenya and beyond.

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