You want your company to succeed? Stay in school – George Wanjohi

July 13, 2019

George Wanjohi is the Co-founder, and East African Sales and Marketing Expert at Saracen OMD, one of East Africa’s largest independent media specialists. Even after attaining such success, he still goes to “school”.

A system he uses to track the company progress and employee growth is called the balanced scorecard which can be found online. This system helps track financials, customers, processes and learning. At Saracen, learning is given just as much attention as the others. The bonuses given to employees usually have a percentage from a course someone took and proved that they learnt something valuable. If one doesn’t do 2 yearly courses, the learning percentage will not be included in the annual bonus no matter what rank the individual has in the company. This applies to George and his co-founders as well.

“If you don’t do 2 yearly courses, 5% of your bonus will be gone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO. This has proven to be a good method to encourage people to keep learning.” George Wanjohi says

From his story, it’s clear that even at the peak of success, there is always more to learn and new things to try therefore one should never assume their best is their best and can’t be made better.

George Wanjohi was a guest at un.thinkable drink up in February 2019. Get a copy of his Podcast for only Kshs 250. Email

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