Muthuri Kinyamu: Transforming Travel into Social Impact

April 10, 2024

Turnup.Travel isn’t your average travel agency. Founded in 2016, Muthuri Kinyamu’s passion for responsible travel helped carve a unique niche for Turnup.Travel, crafting immersive experiences that weave together storytelling, social impact, and unforgettable adventures.

So why did Muthuri Kinyamu join Unthinkable Kenya?

Turnup.Travel focus extends beyond simply booking flights and hotels. They create itineraries that captivate with storytelling, fostering connections with local communities and leaving a lasting positive impact. Whether catering to travelers with disabilities or offering a platform for social impact initiatives, it strives for inclusivity and empowerment.

He sees unthinkable as a catalyst for transformation. They aim to refine their leadership approach, allowing the business to flourish. They are eager to learn, develop, and ultimately achieve 10x growth while cultivating new partnerships and strengthening existing ones to reach a broader audience.

Beyond business, Muthuri has a passion for Connection. He excels at identifying opportunities and crafting innovative business models. He finds joy in crafting travel experiences, removing barriers for people with disabilities, tree planting, helping people understand  how you can impact the less privileged, and connecting people for a better tomorrow

Connect with Muthuri:
🔗 LinkedIn: Muthuri Kinyamu
🌐 Website:
📘 Instagram, Facebook and X: Turnup.Travel

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