In the digital age, Data analytics is a must for your Business

October 23, 2020

The analytics and data part of a business might be tedious to look at, and most executives will avoid it. But according to Wandia Gichuru, CEO of Vivo Activewear, it is critical for businesses trying to go digital.

Historically, Wandia relied on her shop attendants to give her information on the customers and their preferences, but as the business grew and they ventured into the digital space, this became increasingly inconclusive. “They can tell you people like a certain product or a certain product was sampled a lot of times, but you are getting the feedback second hand. It might not be everything the customer said or how the customer behaved at the shop”, says Wandia.

At Vivo, proper data has allowed them to paint a complete and accurate picture of the customer. They use it to create a profile of the customer. They know their age, style and preferences. This information then enables them to know what to stock up, in what sizes or quantities and where to stock it up. They are now able to know the products least liked and the reasons why it was not preferred, over and above the fact that it didn’t sell well. If they are trying something new, the analytics will let them know how the customers are responding to the new product line.

According to Wandia, you might or might not need a data specialist for this but all in all it’s an important aspect to have in your business, especially in this time when the customers are going online more and more.

Wandia Gichuru, Founder of Vivo Active Wear was a guest at Unthinkable Masterclass in July 2020. Click here to apply for membership in Un.thinkable.

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