Here’s how data can transform your business

September 27, 2020

Imagine you are a supplier of bananas. You collect data on which types of bananas are best suited for your customers, be it based on source, sugar content, type of minerals used to produce it, water source you name it. You then map your customers to different types of bananas, create targeted segments for different types of customers based on tastes, health concerns, dietary needs etc. You then make it easier for customers to select what type of banana is best for them. You would end up with a loyal customer base that comes back to you purely because of the work you have done with data.

According to Professor Bitange Ndemo, lecturer at the University of Nairobi, that’s how you get trust and loyalty. Experience and flexibility does not come easy to large corporates. As a small business, you are nimble enough to invest in great, personalised experiences for your customers. You start small, and keep scaling your data competitiveness and knowledge of the customer. The moment you hit critical mass with your loyal customer base, that’s when you achieve your 10X growth.

Prof. Bitange Ndemo was a guest at Un.thinkable roast (our monthly 10X Growth Leaders Meet-up) in July 2020. Click here to apply for membership in Un.thinkable.

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