When your business is a family affair

August 25, 2018

Running a family business in most cases is usually not as easy as it sounds and just because the word family exists in a family business; it does not make it less of a business. Faraz Ramji seems to know this very well since his business, Norda industries is basically a family business. His grandfather has been a great source of inspiration for him and always guiding his thoughts on the business.

While Faraz was driven to supply the upper class market, his grandfather always reminded him about the base of the pyramid. The 10 shilling market. And while Faraz build his empire on the Urban Bitez Brand, he took heed and started a product for the lower base of the pyramid. Bitez retails in all small kiosks around the country and it is the product that saved the company while they had issues with access to market and subsequent crash of their holding bank.

His grandfather did not only pass down the genes of entrepreneurship to him he also gave him capital to start it. Faraz is convinced Family is the best source of business input for money and advice in being able to navigate the tough economic world.

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