ARI Limited drives business efficiency through Technology

December 3, 2019

ARI Limited has been at the center of Kenya’s ICT revolution since 2012, supporting large and small enterprises by building and maintaining quality software solutions. With increased capacity, experience, skills and knowledge, they are able to churn out quality software solutions faster than most tech companies and pride themselves in the confidence given to them by customers to deliver quality solutions in the rapid changing ICT space.

“We are committed to understand customers’ needs and work together to achieve set goals and objectives”, says Ndiang’ui Kinyagi, the company’s Founder and CEO.

By always focusing on what works, as opposed to what’s hot, ARI Limited’s array of solutions meets nearly all business needs, including but not limited to:

  1. P.I.T Stop – Payment integration and tracking for ERP’s, POS and accounting systems, covering all aspects of Payments In and Payments Out.
  2. Customer Self Service Portal & App, which helps businesses in Utility operations (Extending your ERP and CRM capabilities to customers and suppliers) i.e. KYC, Statements, Stock Levels, Re-order, Upload and Downloads, Customer history, as well as Payments for products and services.

Mr. Ndiang’ui, or Dee as he is fondly called by colleagues and friends, says what makes ARI Limited special is the values they espouse every day they come to work.

    • Your word is your bond – Integrity & Truth.
    • Deliver a workable solution.
    • Seek the wisdom of ten, rather than the knowledge of one.

These values and the sheer tenacity of Dee and his team has earned them a place the Founders 100 Mil Club, a group of rapidly growing enterprises that are part of our coaching and growth accountability program as they close in on becoming Kshs 100 Million plus a year businesses.

Interested in working with ARI Limited? They are easy to find. You can visit their technology centre at All Africa Conference of Churches, Waiyaki Way 1st Floor, Suite 9, or pay their website a visit at You can also just give them a call on 0725992355 for a conversation on how they can help you drive business efficiency through technology. 

Keep up with the latest in the world of technology by following ARI Limited on their different social media handles including:

We are Founders is proud to be associated with ARI Limited.


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