Abojani Investment, a digital-first personal finance management company

January 22, 2020

Abojani Investment CEO Robert Ochieng is not only passionate about helping individuals connect their personal finances with their personal goals, he has gone as far as building a business out of it. In Kenya we there is a situation where about 2.5 million working class people are supporting up to 30 million non-working people. This creates a challenge for the productive work force to find ways of creating value. That’s where Robert and his team come in.

Abojani has trained over 2,000 people on personal finance and investing, with 600 of them trained through WhatsApp using bit-sized contents, chats, graphics and PDF documents. “We have inverted micro lending and gaming to come up with micro investing and saving to have as many Kenyans as possible trained on financial awareness”, says Robert.

“We help individuals connect their personal finances with their personal goals, and help companies make intelligent decisions about their industries as well as when making investments” he concludes. The company aspires to train 1 Million Kenyans on Financial awareness.

So what can you expect to learn should you join Abojani’s programmes?

  • Taking care of your Personal finance
  • Investing in Stocks
  • Saving in Saccos
  • Protecting your Capital with treasury bills and bonds
  • Taking advantage of predictable income from unit trusts

And Abojani doesn’t just stop there, “We shorten the time between learning and investing or saving by connecting our clients to CMA licensed market players immediately after the classes”, says Abojani CEO Mr. Robert Ochieng.

Interested in working with Abojani? You can find them at Riara Centre, or give them a call on 0763682116.

Your future wealth awaits you.


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