4 Frequently asked Questions about LinkedIn

October 3, 2020

LinkedIn is a social media platform that was founded in 2003. In its earlier years, it was founded for professionals to network. It was set up in a way that people could upload their Curriculum Vitae so that they could get job opportunities and for prospective employees to find suitable candidates.

According to Nelly Ndonye, LinkedIn Marketing Specialist based in Nairobi, Kenya, that changed in 2009. The platform has evolved to add more value to its members, becoming a respected content platform as well. In our August edition of Unthinkable Coffee Break, our audience had questions for Nelly, and she generously shared her insights on these 4 questions.

Is LinkedIn a business to business platform?

LinkedIn is largely a business to business platform in the sense that business decision makers are available on LinkedIn hence it provides the right environment for any one working with business to Business services.

However it also works for the business to consumer side in that people who do business such as Real Estate or even premium business accounts are able to reach the individual through the platform.

Can someone share content that is outside their professional line?

On LinkedIn just like other social media platforms you can also share your interests outside business. You can share what you did over the weekend, information on your side hustle or information about lessons in life.

The platform appreciates that we are all well rounded individuals. In what you share do not be just random, make sure you have an angle to it. Try to be educative, informative or inspiring.

Can I get Business Leads on LinkedIn?

Yes. This is mostly tied to the advertisements where someone will have left their contacts and you can follow up to have a conversation with them.

Can I put out a marketing campaign on LinkedIn and is it expensive?

It is a bit different to put out a campaign on LinkedIn from other social media spaces because here you have to specify the people you are putting your campaign out to. But it is not difficult. Advertising on LinkedIn compared to other social media platforms is a little higher but the value you get from it makes it all worth it. The platform is full of decision makers in their various institutions so if you get a lead from there it is one that will definitely bring value to you or your business.

Nelly Ndonye was a guest on Un.thinkable Coffee break, our monthly talk show on future skills which are changing the world as we know it.

Watch the recording below

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